Universal buffer for epitope recovery and antigen retrieval on formalin-fixed paraffin embedded sections

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Antigen unmasking, antigen recovery on formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue sections




Universal buffer for epitope recovery and antigen retrieval on formalin-fixed paraffin embedded sections

Allow us to introduce the 2100 Antigen Retriever. The best epitope recovery unit for IHC on formalin-fixed sections. Used by hundreds of research groups and small pathology labs worldwide, with unique features not available in analogous machines. 


The first model was released in 2006,  and now, the 2015 third iteration of the Retriever is offered. Fully optimised for using the Universal Buffer.


Here you can also find our other components of the Retriever program aimed at making IHC fully standard and reproducible.


Excellent Epitope Recovery.
Every Time.

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We thank all the Retriever users for such
a high rating!
New: Top Quality Tissue Slides.
Retriever Grade

The award winning search engine BIOZ assigns the rates to the quality of laboratory products (Bioz Stars) on the basis of many factors, including citation index and impact of articles using the product. Aptum's 2100 Retriever has received 99 points out of 100. We thank all the users who used the Retriever and published their wonderful results.


We are confident that other parts of the Retriever program, such as R-Universal epitope recovery buffer and buffers for IHC will soon be as highly recognised.

We have just added new superior quality tissue slides to our Retriever program for the best section attachment and tissue morphology after recovery of epitopes in 2100 Retriever (or any other HIER or proteolythic treatment of tissue sections.) 


There are two types of slides we have developed and produced: supercharged slides (that hold any tissue, including small ones and the fat ones) and one that binds the tissue via chemical cross-linking to the slide.


All slides  meet  the requirements of DIN ISO 8037/1, suitable for in vitro diagnostic applications according to IVD Directive 98/79/EC, CE-labelled.

Recent Research Using 2100 Retriever (2019):
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Buffers for IHC, Blot, ELISA
Universal buffer for epitope recovery and antigen retrieval on formalin-fixed paraffin embedded sections
Universal Buffer

Yes, we have done it:

you do not need any more Tris, EDTA, Citrate, Low of High pH buffers for epitope recovery. You do not even need protease treatment of sections.


One R-Universal Buffer replaces  them all!


Recent Publications Using


Konger, R.L., Derr-Yellin, E., Ermatov, N., Ren, L., and Sahu, R.P. (2019). The PPARγ Agonist Rosiglitazone Suppresses Syngeneic Mouse SCC (Squamous Cell Carcinoma) Tumor Growth through an Immune-Mediated Mechanism. Molecules 24.


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We also offer new series of advanced buffers for improving results in IHC and other immunoassays. The buffers are optimised for every particular assay, and are colour and pattern coded for your convenience.

buffers for IHC on FFPE, epitope retrieval, epitope recovery, antigen recovery

Please note that all buffers are produced under GLP protocol and are certified for diagnostics.

News from Aptum

If you need to make new antibodies, our head company, Aptum, offers not only complete set of services, starting from best epitope calculations using our unique software, but also a set of novel, patented adjuvants that accelerate and increase the response even in comparison with Freund's adjuvant.

Unique Software from Aptum
for Protein Sequence Analysis

Aptum Biologics announces the release of its novel unique software, EpiQuest for the analysis of primary protein sequences. 

Whether you are planning to prepare a specific antibody, or develop a vaccine, or serum assay, you may want to use the novel possibilities presented by this package of programs.