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...all buffers are produced at GLP conditions and are certified for use in diagnostics... 

Making your IHC standardized and reproducible

These are several products to help you achive even better results with your immundetection of epitopes.

One for all: Universal Buffer for Epitope Recovery


New, patent-pending R-Universal buffer for epitope recovery on routinely fixed tissue material. When used in Retriever, it removes cross-links created by paraformaldehyde fixative, eliminates precipitated bivalent cations, and allows perfect refolding of damaged epitopes. It can be used with any antibody working in western blot, and many others. Replaces High, Low, etc buffers. Certified for diagnostics. 

New Technology of Blocking Buffers for Improved Specificity


Most blocking buffers (for any solid-phase application, including IHC, Western blot or ELISA) are based on proteins (usually charged) that bind to places capable of non-specific protein binding, therefore preventing the later non-specific binding of the antibody. However, this approach has two main drawbacks: 1) some antibodies can react with proteins used for blocking, 2) blocking proteins may sterically block the required epitopes. On top of that, blocking proteins may create locally positively charged areas, that may attract with negatively charged components of the assay (antibodies, conjugates). Our technology, used for all immunoassay buffers allows you to avoid these problems. Making the background reduction effective and without undesired side effects.

Immunoassay buffers: Improve Specificity/Sensitivity


Based on the proposed novel technology, we created buffers to prevent non-specific binding of either antibodies or conjugates. Buffers include sample (or primary antibody)  diluent and blocking buffer.

The set of buffers for each type of application also includes additional buffers for washing, stripping (blot), peroxidase stabilisers and diluents. All buffers are ISO certified for diagnostics applications.

Colour & Pattern Coding of Buffers

All buffers are pattern and colour coded, this makes them easy to distinguish in the refrigerator, and not to mix using different sets for different applications.

Arrays: Stain All Tissue Samples in One Go

We offer a unique, handy manual arrayer and pre-made recipient blocks. Anyone can easily make their own arrays, thus placing pre-selected areas of tissue for staining them all on one slide. 

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