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Antibody & Conjugate Stabilizers

antibody stability

antibody stability at 4 degrees

antibody temperature stability

antibody thermal stability

monoclonal antibody stability

antibody ph stability

candor antibody stabilizer

trehalose antibody stabilizer

igg stability

scfv stability

hrp conjugate

hrp conjugate stabilizer

stabilzyme hrp conjugate stabilizer

hrp conjugate elisa

These are buffers for stabilizing the antibody/protein or conjugate components of your commercial assay. They allow long shelf life of an assay in during refrigeration and provide resistance to short term exposure to high temperatures (i.e. during transportation or in hot weather in the absence of refrigeration)

Description & Properties

All these buffers are optimized buffers for storage of your antibody (protein) or conjugates (HRP or alkaline-phoshatase-labelled), usually when they are to be included into commercial kits that are to be stable and valid for an extended period of time.

We also recommend using antibody stabilizers for stabilizing sera, collected for future use. Serum diluted with antibody stabilizer may be stored at 2-8°C for a year without any loss of activity, while even one cycle of freezing-thawing (if you keep serum at -20°C results in some loss of antibody activity, and in formation of antibody aggregates that will give additional background and non-specific binding in the assay.

Antibody stabilisers can also be used for dissolving and storage in refrigerator for a long time sample (test) proteins and other assay components.

Choose the optimal buffer base for your assay between TRIS- or PBS-based Stabilizer.

AB stabiliser.PNG
Ordering codes

AB Stabiliser (TRIS)                  Ready-to-use               125 ml            #AP0518-125

                                                                                         500 ml            #AP0518-500

AB Stabiliser (PBS)                   Ready-to-use               125 ml            #AP0519-125

                                                                                         500 ml            #AP0519-500

HPR-Stabiliser                           Ready-to-use               125 ml            #AP0525-125

                                                                                         500 ml            #AP0525-500

AP-Stabiliser                              Ready-to-use               125 ml            #AP0526-125

                                                                                         500 ml            #AP0526-500

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