ELISA buffers

Low background and strong specific reaction. Standardized staining.

ISO 9008 certified for diagnostics

Coating Buffer #AP0510

A new class of blocking solutions based on chemically modified and fragmented ultra-pure casein. Effectively reduces unvanted binding of primary antibody and conjugates you use to charged surface of the slide and tissue section. Greatly reduces non-specific binding while preserving the specific reaction, by saturating potential non-specific protein-protein interactions. Moreover, in contrast to BSA-based, 

Effect of antibody diluent on detection of antigen on solid phase with 2 step detection. Primary antibody was diluted in PBS/Tween or in Antibody Diluetn W. Signal to noise ratio was 3.42 without and 17.3 with antibody diluent. Note that the specific signal (dots) is equal on both pictures.

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