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Assay Buffers (ELISA, FLISA and other Assays)

Any measurement of reaction in solid-phase immunoassays contains two components - specific reaction and non-specific reaction.

The value of the results and assay in general greatly depends on whether a non-specific reaction creates false-positive values or not. The presented collection of immunoassay buffers, ISO-certified, for development and production of immunoassay (usually in a plate format) are virtually free from generating a non-specific signal, stable and standardized.

These series of products were designed for academic research groups, using assays to detect the antigen of antibody, and for companies developing commercial diagnostic assays.

See only the specific signal

ISO 9008 certified for diagnostics

Types of Assay

There are several different types of assay you may be working with and developing. Some of them require specific types of reagents (buffers), so here we will establish the terms we will be using when advising on the optimal buffers to be used.


Antigen-coated assay for specific antibodies

This is a standard type of assay aiming at detection in a sample of specific antibodies (directed against the antigen coated on the plate).


Sandwich assay with antibody coating

This is an assay where the presence of antigen in the sample is detected by using a two antibody -Sandwich.  A catcher Ab absorbed on the plate binds the antigen from the sample, and the bound antigen is detected by the labelled antibody (tracer).

Competition assay with antibody coating

Competition assay is usually designed for quantitative measurement of the antigen concentration in the sample. The antigen of the sample competes for the binding to the adsorbed catcher antibody with the labelled antigen added to the sample.

Types of Reagents

We offer optimal sets for every step of your assay. For different types of assay and reagents used our sets guarantee the highest quality and standardized result:

Coating Buffers - to absorb the antigen or antibody to the plate

Coating Stabilizers - to protect and preserve the antigen/antibody coated plate for prolonged storage

Plate Blockers - for saturating free binding sites on plates

Assay Diluents - for minimizing non-specific binding, cross-reactivity and matrix effects

Antibody and Conjugate stabilizers - for preserving antibody and conjugate components of the assay 

Washing Buffers - for perfect washing of the plate without exposing binding sites anew

Here you can download the full product list and ordering codes

Symbols used in the schemes above: 


plate blocking molecules


antibody to antigen measured in the sample

Catcher antibody

Diluent component blocking biding of the antibody/antigen

Diluent component blocking biding of the labelled antibody/antigen

Labelled antibody ("Tracer") directed against the detected AG or Ab

Labelled antigen

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elisa antigen coating

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protein binding surfaces

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minimizing nonspecific binding

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