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Perfect Arrays for a Fraction of the Cost

Tissue Microarray (TMA) is a technique that enables the tissues from many patients to be arrayed in a single slide.  You can compare and analyse the expression of various genes and protein from the tissues.  This technique has an advantage because you can analyse the tissues in the same condition to enhance the efficiency of the research.


TMA technique reduces the use of reagent, time and human resources tremendously.  Beside increasing throughput, it offers the following benefits ; conservation of tissue resources, improved internal experimental control, reduced consumption of reagents and facilitation of multicenter research studies.  TMA also can be applied to almost every tissue processing including immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, FISH and in situ PCR.

Pre-Made Recipient Blocks
Making Tissue Arrays Has Never Been  Any Easier

Now you can make your own arrays in convenience of you own lab, without hiring specially trained opreator and byuing a still semi-automatic machine for $ 30-50.000. 


Our manual Microarrayer, together with pre-made recipient blocks allows you without any substantial cost having this technique runnig in your research group, in convenice of your own lab.

Manual Tissue Microarrayer

Using GUIDE (above) with a PUNCHER (below) you isolate the kern of tissue from the paraffin block,

PUNCHERs are available in several sized depnding on the size of required tissue kerns: 1, 1.5, 2, 3, and 5 mm in diameter.

The isolated tissue kern you just insert into already pre-made recipient paraffine blocks.

... and you have blocks, ready to cut to obtain perfect arrays. 

Download the Microarrayer Manual for step-by-step guide. Inexperienst student, post-doc or technician can easily do this.

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