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Coating Stabilisers

This is a group of reagents for stabilizing the coated antigens or antibodies on assay plates. They can can be successfully used for stabilizing antigens and antibodies on glass on polystyrene surfaces for protein arrays. Plates (or arrays, or chromatographic strips - lateral flow assays) treated with Plate Sealer can be stored for long periods of time without changes in the properties of applied antigen of antibody.

These reagents are developed and made for:

- producers of commercial assays that have to be stored for a prolonged time 

- plates coated for experiments to be performed over a long period of time or to be used later "in the filed".

Description & Properties

If you want to store plates with a coated antigen or antibody for a prolonged period of time, you may do so by freezing them at -20 C, but often the freezing-thawing step is highly undesirable, especially when coated molecules are antibodies or antigens with a complex structure. Stabilizing the molecules coated on the pate becomes even more necessary when you plan to store them for a prolonged period of time (e.g. diagnostic kits that have to be shipped overseas), stabilization can save the coated molecules when the storage temperature cannot be guaranteed.

Plate Sealer seals the plate with a uniform layer, which is well soluble and does not affect the results of the assay. Plates treated with Plate Sealer and dried can be dried and stored for long periods. The recommended optimal storage temperature is +2-8°C, but the plates in most cases can be stored dry at ambient temperatures for many months without the applied antigens/antibody losing any activity.

Ordering codes

We offer two versions of Plate Sealer, a regular sealer and its AF (animal-free) version that does not contain any components of animal origin.

Plate Sealer           Ready-to-use                 50 ml                      #AP0522-050

                                                                    125 ml                      #AP0522-125

                                                                    500 ml                      #AP0522-500

Plate Sealer-AF      Ready-to-use                50 ml                      #AP0523-050

                                                                    125 ml                      #AP0523-125

                                                                    500 ml                      #AP0523-500

Using Coating Stabilisers (general guide)

- add 200 μl/well  Plate Sealer

- incubate 15-90 minutes at room temperature

- remove solution (do not rinze!)

- dry the plates 1-2 hours at 37-45°C

Plates can be stored dry, sealed in a pouch, for 1-3 years (2-8°C).

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